The following activities and resources were prepared by Kathy Johnson, a wonderful media specialist from Voyager Elementary School in Alexandria, MN.  


illustrated by Wendy Anderson Halperin
published by DK, Sept. 2000
ISBN 078942617X
Ages 4-8, 32 pages

Awards and Honors
Smithsonian Notable Book for Children, 2000
Parents' Choice Silver Honor Award, 2000
Minnesota Book Award Finalist, 2001
Bonaparte the dog goes looking for his boy who has been sent away to school only to find that dogs are not allowed. Even his disguises don't work!
The story takes place in Paris. Take a tour of the city via photos at this website: click here.
Make a list of other disguises Bonaparte could use to try and get into the school.
Use a stamp to make a patterned design around the edge of white paper and draw a picture of Bonaparte. (Look at the cover)
Write about the changes we would have to make if we allowed all of the students to bring their dogs to school.
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