Secret Life of Figgy Mustardo
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A Secret Keeps

illustrated by Heather Solomon
published by Carolrhoda Books, 2012
ISBN  978-0761355939
Ages 5 to 8, 32 pages

Before a weekend visit to his grandparents' farm, a little boy discovers that his grandpa has a secret waiting for him. ''Grampa, what's the secret,'' he asks, but all Grampa will say is, ''Finders keepers.''

Is the secret in the barn? With the chickens? Hiding in the corn? When the boy finally discovers the answer, he realizes that a secret is indeed for keeping.


This is a beautiful story of a secret, a special secret that Grandpa was saving for a little boy. The exquisite prose and the gorgeous artwork mesh perfectly to create a gentle, memorable tale. The dreamy, inquisitive look on the little boy's face made me smile as I imagined his excitement building up the closer he got to Grandpa's and the special secret that was awaiting him. The magical times of childhood came alive with every turn of the page as the little blond mop-topped boy explored his Grandpa's farm. This is one special story that will be cherished and read time and time again! —Deb, Vine Voice

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